Ticker Tape Parades

What Are the Parade Markers?

All along Broadway in Lower Manhattan remains historic markers for each parade that took place over the years. These plaques are inlaid into the sidewalks on either side of New York’s most famous avenue: Broadway. The first parade took place in October 1886, and the most recent in July 2019.

Ticker Tape History

Ticker tape machines used ticker tape inside it to relay stock market prices.. Every office in Wall Street had a few of these machines. When Lower Manhattan unveiled The Statue of Liberty in October 1886, the parade had celebrated by marching up Broadway. Stockbrokers even filled many of the offices along Broadway. As the parade passed underneath their windows, stock brokers ripped some of the ticker tape off and threw it out their windows onto the parade. It came down from the buildings like confetti. The ticker tape parade was born.


What is a Ticker Machine?

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