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  • How is this guide different from all the others?
  • You will be getting short videos showing you EXACTLY how to do very specific, important things...like buying a metro card. Plus, we help you weigh all the options available to you (like places to eat breakfast based on your budget), so you can make the choice that’s right for the way YOU want to see NYC. Moreover, we help you avoid duplicate and similar activities (like picking the best of the 4 observation decks that exist in the city).  You will get Google map links and short written information.  It is designed to save you hours of research.

  • Will the guide help me with transportation?
  • Yes, a whole section is devoted the many ways of how to get around New York.

  • Why should I buy your itinerary when I can plan my trip through online research for free?
  • Yes, you can, of course, do plenty of planning online for free. However, you’ll spend hours putting together your trip plan. Our guide is concise -- giving you everything you need to know without making you read too much. Plus, frequently the common articles and blogs you’ll find online are written by someone with very little experience of the city. The truth of the matter is, many people visit NYC once or twice and after, write a blog post about the “10 Best Places to Visit In NYC” -- this doesn’t make them an expert on the area. Our itineraries are backed by 12 years of experience in this industry, working with over 100,000 individuals and 3,000 groups visiting New York City.

  • Is New York City Safe?
  • Yes, it’s actually the safest city in the US. However, there are certain areas where you have to be careful. 

  • Are packing lists included?
  •  Absolutely!

  • I am traveling on a budget. How will these guides save me money?
  • Our guides show you where to splurge and where to save...allowing you to plan ahead of time how to make the most of your vacation budget. We also highlight all the hidden costs in New York City that tourists don’t realize exist, so you can include them in your budget in advance.


Detailed itineraries, hour-by-hour, with alternative options.  You don't have to think.  Just relax and enjoy your day!


A trip to New York can be expensive.  Know where to save and where to splurge.


Make sure you don't miss out or forget to pack critical items.

Shopping & Dining

Each and every corner has its own unique restaurants and shops - we list the most famous and best for you.

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