Marketing Disclosure

NY Traveltips and Plan My NY Trips does receive compensation from some of the companies mentioned on nytraveltips.com.

Affiliate (Referral) Links

Some links on this website are “referral links” that track the source of the purchase back to nytraveltips.com through an affiliate program. When you use one of those links and buy something, we get a small commission from the linked site for referring you.

For instance, if you read a review we wrote for a hotel and then decide to use the link in the review book your stay, NY Travel tips may earn a commission from the sale. This does not affect the price you pay. Affiliate links are one way we keep nytraveltips.com going financially.

Compensated Recommendations

Some companies mentioned on this site (including the hotels, travel agencies, ticket agencies, etc.) compensate NY TravelTips financially. There are also companies and services recommended on nytraveltips.com that do not pay compensation.

When it comes to accepting compensation, we follow the following ethical guidelines:

  1. We do not let compensation dictate the companies we recommend. If we don’t like it, we don’t recommend it. Period. We have turned away literally dozens of companies that were willing to pay us large sums to appear on nytraveltips.com.
  2. We always make a good-faith effort to find the best deals we can for our readers. We make it a goal to recommend only quality, dependable companies. We love to buy wonderful things at the best possible price, and it gives us great pleasure to help our readers find the same kind of bargains.
  3. The compensation received by NYTraveltips does not increase the price our readers pay.
  4. If we feel the quality, price or reliability of a recommended company’s product or service is no longer acceptable, we will not hesitate to remove that company from nytraveltips.com, even if it means a loss of revenue. This has happened in the past, though we’re happy to say it has been a rare occurrence.

NYTraveltips LLC welcomes your questions or comments regarding the Disclaimer: Email Address: tips”at”nytraveltips.com

Effective as of May 16, 2018


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